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Introducing IM Consulting

Malaysia’s first dedicated advisory for industrial real estate developers.

While industrial real estate has come a long way, what has worked before cannot sustain sales in the future. Here’s why the conventional approach is broken:





The consequence of overbuilding is real. The oversupply of warehouses means industrial suppliers will be fighting to convince tenants. The next two to three years are projected to witness a surge in industrial warehouses and factories, old and new, so tenants and buyers have a lot of choices. If you think the market is crowded now, 11,000,000 sqft of space is set to enter the market soon, giving tenants and buyers even more to choose from. That’s 30% more in rentable space about to hit the market in the next couple of years.
Agents’ conventional sales serve many developers, providing no specialisation.  Worse, they provide generic, cookie-cutter ads that attempt to cast a wide net on any tenant or buyer. If you sell to everybody, you sell to nobody. Look at any real estate platform, and you can see the problem: Selling industrial real estate is broken; it’s a red ocean of sameness that will only worsen when supply increases. Agents want to serve as many developers as possible and close the same with anyone as fast as possible.
Tenancy is an ongoing challenge, even when your units are filled. 

The vast majority of tenants prioritise having the latest and newest facilities at the lowest cost possible. There is no loyalty in this business — and the turnover time of 3 years comes faster than you know, after which the problem repeats. Evergreen communications and marketing are needed to sustain interest and retain customer loyalty.

The “brand” of your developments needs to convey a solid theme to create relevancy and synergy for suppliers to be together.


Only deep expertise combining industrial real estate rental sales, marketing communications, and industrial data over the long term can put you ahead and enable sales. Speak with us to make your marketing more compelling to buyers.





Guiding you ahead, Industrial Malaysia is a team of specialists in industrial real estate and communications. Leveraging years of data-driven insights, deep analytics, and expertise in marketing communications and industrial real estate, we help you stay effective in responding to consumer trends.



This is a minimum 12-month engagement to make your industrial real estate project successful. Throughout our engagement, you will:

#1 Better understand the context of how your property and the surrounding built environment will change.

#2 Gain the newest insights into how the potential customers’ sector is evolving in the larger context of the Malaysian economy.

#3 Deploy and fine-tune the right marketing and communications and “speak the language” of the consumers who will rent or buy from you.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore how our advisory can create strategic advantages for you in a challenging market.